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Q. What is the monthly electrical cost of the water server (hot and cold water dispensing machine)?

Depending on the room temperature and ammount of water used, about 800 yen per month may be expected.

Q. What is the best-before period of the water bottles?

The water bottles are safe to drink for six months, assuming they are unopened and stored out of direct sunlight in a cool place. Expect about a month once they are opened.

Q. How safe is the hygene of the bottles, considering they are reused?

We adhere to all local food safety standards. After recovering the bottles from customers, the bottles are carefully inspected, and then washed and sterilized by machine several times before being refilled with fresh water and fitted with new caps.

Q. Can this water also be used for cooking?

Yes. In fact, our customers report much bettering tasting rice and vegatables prepared with our pure water. Teas and coffees also have much more flavour. Please try for yourself and see.

Q. How can I pay?

There are three easy ways to pay:

  1. Cash on delivery.
  2. Automatic withdrawal from a bank account.
  3. Bill, to be paid at the cashier of any post office. This bill looks like this:
    (hyperlink to example of bill with English translation)
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